Astro Development Update November/December 2018

December 07, 2018

Latest News from the Astro Development for Kilconieron GAA Club 

Over the last few weeks volunteers of the club have been very active on the club grounds and were pleased to report back that:

Phase 1 Groundworks clearing and pipe laying Completed

Phase 1 Groundworks tank and percolation area and paths Completed Phase 1 Leveling off of the site almost completed and site is handed over to ISS for initial Installation of Astro fencing.

Phase 2 is well under way now with ISS and the Lighting contractor installing the flood lights for the Astro grounds.

The voluntary donations are coming back to the club, and special thanks goes out to all volunteers who are pounding the parish highways and byways collecting funds for the development so please give as generously for this community project Please support our community project and reach out to the many volunteers working on the development within the community. Thanks again for all your support.

Please check out our quick videos of the astro development here

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